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Multiple Gameplay Modes

  • Chordskilz is a music game designed to give you a total active listening workout in a core area of music ear training: Harmony, or chord recognition. Development of active listening skills is key to a successful music education.
  • Game mode, with three difficulty settings and 8 levels per setting, is a progressive yet challenging music game that will sharpen and test your chord recognition skills.
  • Practice mode lets you familiarize yourself with each game level in a risk free learning environment. When you are ready to play fire up the game mode to test your skills and unlock the next level, achievements, and other rewards!
  • Chordskilz is not just a music game it’s an instrument /soundtoy as well! Toy mode is for fun creative relaxed play. The more levels you unlock, the more toys you have to play with.

Achievements and Rewards

  • Earn special achievements to mark your progress in passing new levels of ear listening skill! Some achievements unlock more instruments and keys to play with as a reward for your ear skill development. Achievements framework based on Steve Gargolinksi’s Progress Framework.
  • The audiovisual effects engine creates an endless variety of engaging feedback that keeps you immersed in the game.

Interaction and Customization

  • Play the way you like best, by clicking on the chord icons or by dragging the music note 3D cursor with your mouse/finger.
  • Chordskilz features a generative music engine that never plays the same way twice. Don’t like the ambient nature soundtrack or backing rhythm? Generate a new one instantly, change the volume levels, or turn them off completely via the settings.

Cross Platform

  • Chordskilz is a multiplatform music game (PC/Mac/iPad) which means you can play when and where you feel most comfortable.

Music Theory

  • With seven instruments and keys available to play with (when fully unlocked) you are able to experience a wide variety of musical tones and timbres, leading to better listening skills development.
  • The real time chord progression engine is based on solid music theory, which means you can apply your new ear skills to identify chord progressions from most popular western songs of the last century.
  • The 3D positional sound engine makes full use  of your brains psychoacoustic abilities to provide both a more engaging audio experience (via headphones) and stimulate learning through natural audio cues.
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