HarpNinja 2.0 has started the release journey!

  • HarpNinja 2.0 iOS is now live on the AppStore. Check the new video tutorial for how to enable voice overlay on the video so you can also record your harmonica.
    WARNING: There is a bug with current iPad HarpNinja V2.0 which will possibly cause it to crash on startup if there is no internet connection. V2.01 has been submitted (15th Nov 2013) to fix this. Alternatively you can try a delete/reinstall which *should* also fix it.
  • HarpNinja 2.0 PC has been released!
    Release date: 6th Nov 2013. To update just download the demo from https://harpninja.com/wp/#pc and install over the existing install.
  • HarpNinja 2.0 OSX  is now available in the Mac AppStore (13th Nov 2013).
  • HarpNinja 2.0 Android coming soon for tablets and smartphones (minimum screen size TBD)
  • HarpNinja 2.0 iPhone coming soon

Over the next few days the website will be updated with new screenshots and documentation and I’ll start the process of producing a series of short “how to” videos explaining how to get the best out of the new HarpNinja 2.0.

Release notes

New Features

  • Complete UI redesign: Sharper L&F, New color scheme
  • Complete UX redesign: integrate COF/Melody dojo’s into Tuning
  • New tuner interface and functionality
  • New Quicklearn Chord Buttons populated from Circle Of Fifths
  • Record and share videos (up to 5 minutes in length) to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and via email (iOS only for now, for desktop video recording use external apps like Fraps (PC) or Quicktime Player (OSX)
  • Pitch to Tab
  • Zoom view with Transparency control
  • Sound responsive visual FX
  • New background color customization function
  • Removed StepSeq due to low usage/high maintenance (may return in future)

Bug Fixes

  • Many small fixes
  • Performance improvements due to all of the above