HarpNinja 2.2 has started the release journey!

  • HarpNinja 2.2 iOS for iPad is now live on the iOS AppStore
  • HarpNinja 2.2 Mac is now live on the Mac AppStore
  • HarpNinja 2.2 PC is now live. Please download the demo from the PC link on the menu to the left and reinstall to update.

Release notes

New Features

  • (V2.2) Added Piano Keyboard Mode – video demo coming soon!
  • (V2.1) PitchTracker has a new popup list for selecting presets
    • Pitch5Cents: Pitch only, note lights up green within 5 cents
    • Pitch10Cents: Pitch only, note lights up green within 10 cents
    • PitchVol5Cents: Shows Pitch & Vol, 5 cent tolerance
    • PitchVol10Cents: Shows Pitch & Vol, 10 cent tolerance
  • (V2.1) Chromatic Tuning Dojo now includes a “Low Octave” checkbox to shift the lowest start note from C4 to C3.
  • (V2.1) Some UI tweaks

Bug Fixes

  • n/a