HarpNinja 2.4 Under development

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HarpNinja V2.4 is currently under development. This is a performance release which has involved some extensive internal re-work to increase the DSP accuracy for low tunings, and other internal tweaks. There is no release date as yet as it is still under development.

New Features

  • ¬†Complete rewrite of the song player to improve performance [complete, testing]
  • Improvements to the pitch tracking for low tunings [complete, testing]
  • Harmonize the Key Signatures and harp layouts to be consistent with standard music notation [complete, tested]
  • Player performance tracking and statistics for skill improvement [analysis phase]
  • tbd – some other features on the *extensive* ToDo list that may or may not get into this release

Bug Fixes

  • ¬†Performance tweaks
  • Bug fix on Chromatic tuning layout
  • tbd