HarpNinja V2.5 PC, OSX, & iPad versions are released.

HarpNinja 2014-06-03 02-15-17-15

Please re-download the PC demo version and install over your existing version to update.
For OSX open the Mac AppStore and you should automatically be able to update.

BUG ALERT: Despite best efforts a couple of minor bugs slipped into the OSX/iPad versions.

  • Transparency slider has no effect
  • Zoom button shows when Play Tune menu is showing

These have been fixed already and will be deployed asap. Apologies!

HarpNinja Android for tablets is undergoing final testing, as are the iOS/Android smartphone versions.

A few changes between V2.2.1 have been rolled up and are being released as V2.5.
A major change was a UX/UI redesign to make it easier to deploy to the upcoming Android and smartphone versions, in addition to performance improvements and various bug fixes.

New Features

  • UI/UX redesign – new tab menu bar and smoother workflow.
  • Improved pitch tracking performance and low tuning detection
  • Harp tunings now consistent with key signature sharps & flats
  • New analytics
  • New Video support on iOS

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Chromatic tunings that were incorrect
  • Fixes to tuning names
  • Bug fixes to song player
  • Various other bug fixes