HarpNinja V1.2 has been released for PC/OSX desktop.
To update please download the demo and reinstall over your existing installation of HarpNinja. HarpNinja iPad has been submitted to AppStore and is currently waiting for review.

New Features

  • 12-Hole Chromatic support
  • Support for different screen resolutions and full screen

Bug Fixes

  • Selecting Display key in Tuning Dojo with no scale will change Interval Display mode to set tonic (1) to the selected Display Key. If Notes display mode is selected you will not see any change.
  • Chords display in Circle Dojo will now auto select the correct  1st position display key on the pop up list (top right) when you click on a key in the circle.
  • Adjusted legend text in Circle Dojo for Chords Display
  • Tuning and Melody dojo bug fix to Time Signature
  • Help text edits

Stay tuned for more info!

Diatonic Harmonica View Pitch Display 2

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