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This is a 2 CD set entitled “Every Groove a Bluesman Needs To Know”. There are 31 “top shelf” Blues Grooves in all, with loads of different beats, tempos, keys and grooves. These backing tracks are designed to cover every blues groove a musician needs to know. It’s a great learning tool for all members of the band. Drummers, guitar players and bass players all will benefit greatly by learning these particular grooves. They are perfect for playing lead blues licks and melodies on any instrument, whether it be harmonica, sax, piano, guitar or anything else playing blues music. They are extremely high fidelity and are perfect for making recordings with. All titles were carefully chosen and will help immensely to communicate with drummers, guitar players and bass players, to get the groove you want. It helps a great deal to really understand what the difference is between a Jazz Swing and a Texas Shuffle, or a Tramp Groove and a Second Line Beat? These are slang terms used by blues players. This is your chance to learn what slang terms like that, and lots of other lingo means, and best of all, what they sound like. Here lies a lifetime of information from working musicians and the slang and lingo used to communicate “feel”, “groove”, “beats”, “bass lines” and more, without written music. Simply play any track and read the groove description provided several times while you listen. Identify each statement made in the description to the sound made in the music. Then memorize the slang used to communicate that musical idea, which is simply (the title of that groove). This is a product that comes from the desire to have jam tracks that really groove, with heavy hitting Blues-Cats playin’ them. GrooveTrax™ are like getting a PHD “from the boulevard of the blues”. They will help make anyone “street smart” with the blues.

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“Every Groove a Bluesman Needs To Know”

GrooveTrax™ Disc 1

1. Jimmy Reed Shuffle in E (3:11)
2. Train Beat (Mojo) in E (3:32)
3. Walter Shuffle in E (3:44)
4. Real Easy Groove in E (3:26)
5. Bo Diddley Beat in E (4:00)
6. Jump Swing in E (5:19)
7. Teen Beat in E (3:26)
8. Two Beat Country in E (2:59)
9. Born In Chicago in A (3:33)
10. Second Line in A (3:59)
11. Eight Bar Blues in A (3:28)
12. Tramp Groove in A (3:34)
13. John Lee Hooker in A (3:40)
14. Rock Beat in A (3:33)
15. Jimmy Reed Shuffle in A (3:06)

GrooveTrax™ Disc 2

1. Tramp Groove in G (3:36)
2. 6-9 Groove in G (3:42)
3. Texas shuffle in G (3:40)
4. Rumba in G (3:21)
5. Swing Shuffle in G (3:29)
6. Box Pattern in G (3:51)
7. Cajun Rumba in G (3:30)
8. Straight Eight in Gm (4:27)
9. Jump Swing in C (3:27)
10. Slow Blues in C (4:33)
11. Mustang Sally in C (5:34)
12. Swing Shuffle in F (3:47)
13. Box Pattern in F (3:24)
14. Flat Tire in D (3:16)
15. Last Night in D (3:49)
16. Jazz Swing in Bb (3:33)

“Sample Clips”

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