Test The HarpNinja Web App (Early Access Version)

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Have trouble keeping focused in your music practice?

HarpNinja WebApp is a Swiss army knife of music practice session tools, such as:

  • Simple ToDo list, stored in the cloud
  • Songbook (with demo song), stored in the cloud
  • Practice session timer
  • Video chat (test session only, limited to 5 minutes)
  • Show Scales/Chords on a keyboard and Harmonica layout
  • Show Scales/Chords on a fretboard and Harmonica layout
  • Harmonica layout to learn harmonica faster (web version of https://harpninja.com/)
  • Simple note learning game for sight reading the staff

Free signup -> https://hnweb.sonicviz.vercel.app/

Feedback, suggestions, and bug reports welcome via the contact page in the app.