HarpNinja Diatonic for Web

HarpNinja Diatonic native app on the web

The Challenge

Port the cross platform HarpNinja Diatonic native app to the WebGL platform for web browsers.



The Solution

A working clone of HarpNinja Diatonic in the web browser


Early Access Version - Free (for now)


  • Recommended Browser: Google Chrome, no other tabs open (real time audio intensive apps should have full browser resources)
  • Mic is initially turned off (due to browser security protocols), so you need to click on the mic icon to start pitch recognition.
  • Initally the pitch recognition will have a slight delay, but it should catch up after a short while. This is due to browser audio buffering, which is less performant than a native app
  • Please let me know of any issues and/or feedback via the contact form.
Diatonic Harmonica View Pitch Display 2

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