Sadly I have to report that I have withdrawn HarpNinja from sale on the Apple OSX store.

This is due to incompatibilities with the new OSX Catalina release.

HarpNinja isn’t the only audio/music app to be a victim of Apple’s new OS.

Unfortunately I no longer have an OSX machine capable of running the latest OSX releases which makes it problematic to develop and test for this release.
I’m looking into various alternatives as to how (or even if) I can do that, from an iMac to cloud builds.

I don’t have a solution as yet, so for now and the foreseeable future HarpNinja OSX is on permanent hold.

I am in the process of scoping a complete rewrite of HarpNinja, but I’m unsure when (or even if) I’ll start development on that or how it will be released at this stage.

The process of developing multiple AppStores releases (Apple, Microsoft, Google, PC) is economically difficult to sustain for ongoing HarpNinja development.

This is largely due to lack of support from the AppStores with their huge 30% tax while they provide no customer information and no support for different business models.

There are class action lawsuits underway on these issues:

As such, I’m looking into alternatives for the next version.
Technology is always moving ahead so it’s a matter of balancing a lot of competing elements.

Thank you for your support, and I wish you continuing success on your journey towards mastering the fantastic pocket sax.

Harpe Diem!

Diatonic Harmonica View Pitch Display 2

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