HarpNinja V1.5 has been submitted for review to AppStore. The PC/OSX desktops versions will be released in the next day or so via the website. Stay tuned for more updates!

HarpNinja V1.5 Release Notes

 New Features

  • New Feature! Step Sequencer for Jam Track creation/sharing.
  • Added more chords, including Root + Fifth to facilitate position learning
  • Added visual guides for low, middle, upper octaves
  • Recording time now 30secs (looping) + added a recording progress bar

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed broken Main Menu news button link
  • Many code updates

More details on the Step Sequencer:

  • Create your own jam tracks by tapping out beats, melodies and harmonies.
  • Features 8 unique tones to choose from.
  • Change the key, scale, and tempo of your track in real time.
  • Control the FX: Create awesome delays and reverbs with the outboard effects.
  • 8 Pages of step sequencer fun to create a full backing tune or Jam Track.
  • Save your creations for later with space for 18 compositions on your device.
  • You can also share your creations online with Harp/Net! An integrated cloud based sharing system.
  • StepSeq will ask you to create or select an existing user profile on entry to it.
  • These profiles are used for uploading your compositions to Harp/Net! for sharing with other HarpNinja users.
  • You can have up to 4 different profiles, each of which are uniquely searchable on Harp/Net!
  • Press the Help button (the one with the Question Mark) for some guidance on how to use it.